Career Pathways Interview Series

In collaboration with the Upper Arkansas Health & Wellness Sector Partnership

Career Pathways
Interview Series

Choosing a career is incredibly important and challenging. FEDC WellStart invites you to consider career options in the growing field of behavioral health.

You’ve already met behavioral health professionals before if you’ve ever met a counselor or a social worker or a community health worker. In this program, you will meet many people working in behavioral health and learn how they chose behavioral health as their career.

By watching these videos, you can learn more about:

• Available careers in behavioral health,
• Career Pathways: vocational/educational opportunities
for behavioral health careers,
• How to learn more about behavioral health career
opportunities in Fremont County.
Knowing your available options will help you make
important educational and vocational choices, both now
and in the future.

Charmayne Sandoval

Charmayne Sandoval, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Integrated Behavioral Health services for Perinatal, infant and Early Childhood, talks about her career in behavioral health, and some of her work with NADA.

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Judith Bridgeman

Judith Bridgeman, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Addictions Counselor, gives insight into some of the emotional challenges associated with working in the field of Behavioral Health.

Paige Stewart

Paige Stewart, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Early Childhood Mental Health, and Coordinator, Canon City Schools and Echo Early Childhood Counsel.

Joy Hart

Joy Hart, Licensed Professional Counselor, Behavioral Health Administrator, former Chief of Behavioral Health Services, Colorado Department of Corrections,  highlights opportunities brought by different levels of education in Behavioral health and how that can apply to working in the prison system.

Deb Bradfield

Deb Bradfield, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Supervision and Mentoring,  explains how she got into supervising students who are new to Behavioral Health.

Mary Chavez

Mary Chavez, former Dean of Health Professions, Pueblo Community College,  talks about educational opportunities and career pathways offered at Pueblo Community College.

Theresa Benavidez

Theresa Benavidez, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Applied Behavioral Analysis talks about the path she took to get into this field. In this video, she also highlights some of the best parts about her career, as well as some of the challenges.

Dr. Carol Foust

Dr. Foust, Associate Dean and Director, Colorado State University, Educational Opportunities explains the benefits of the behavioral health field, and the available careers in behavioral health.

Bonus Content and Videos

PREVIEW: Peer Specialists | Haline Grublak

 Haline Grublak, Director of Advocacy and Peer Services, Solvista Health, Peer Specialist Services, explains the origins of Peer Specialists and gives some insight into how she ended up in this career.

PREVIEW: Libby Stuyt Career Intro

Libby Stuyt, M.D., Addictions Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Services and Program Administration gives an overview of her career in addiction medicine.

PREVIEW: NADA | Libby Stuyt

Libby Stuyt, M.D., Addictions Psychiatrist, Educator and Trainer at NADA, returns, giving an in depth look into her work with NADA.